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Easy DIY Purple Hair Clip Tutorial | How To Make Ribbon Hair Clip

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You will be amazed with the things I create with these pretty little pieces of fabric flowers and you too can join me in my most enjoyable craft.

I really like this lilac purple combination. You could also coil the ribbon round the "handle" if you wish. If you want a more elaborative and bigger piece, you could put a large ribbon prior to the 6 Kanzashi petal.

I like to share about what I do with arts, crafts, toys and anything colorful and fun for kids as well as adults!

Kanzashi method is applied to the folded cloth to make flower petals to design exotic flower ornaments. The adorned Tsumami Kanzashi (in full) is widely used in weddings n major festivals. Use it as hair ornaments, home deco or gift wrap deco details.

Kanzashi flower was believed to ward off evil and bring blessings.

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Here are some other craft videos I made during my free time, do check them out!

- Kanzashi Flower Hair Tie https://youtu.be/QW8GQy-NGBI
- Traditional Kanzashi Hair Clip https://youtu.be/PIoNAm--YiE
- Basic Kanzashi Petal Tutorial https://youtu.be/9Wra67QLwsY

I do crafts to help myself destress and as a hobby during free time. Here at my channel, I'd like to share with you how to do them, or simply what I do to destress.

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Thanks for dropping by, have a good time watching!

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