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Making an Easy Beach Scene on Cold Process Soap -Chapter 14 Creating Soap Art

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Soap Clay can be applied to the surface of a fresh bar of Cold Process soap to make beautiful, fun and easy artistic scenes. In this video I show how to draw a simple beach scene then blend colors of soap clay to make a Tropical sea and shoreline rocks. You could draw and fill in any scene using the techniques shown. This is only one example of a fun and easy art soap that anyone can make.
The bars of soap shown in the video came from a batch made with this recipe:

18 oz of Organic Coconut Oil
18 oz of Olive Oil
15.15 oz of Refined Shea butter
13.7 oz of Filtered Water
7.2 oz of Food Grade NaOH
Cotton ball size piece of Tussah Silk
0.45 oz Jojoba oil + 0.5 oz Organic Orange Essential oil + 0.5 oz Litsea Cubeba Essential oil + 0.35 oz Rose Geranium Essential oil + 0.2 oz Basil Essential oil

The links to the ingredients along with more details about making soap clay can be found in my Free E-book here: http://www.fromgracetoyou.com/creatingsoapart/ebook.pdf
and this video is linked in chapter 14 where you can learn more about Soap Clay here : http://www.fromgracetoyou.com/creatingsoapart/chapter14.pdf

My Website is here: http://www.fromgracetoyou.com/

My other videos can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSXa8KcJlyznn5qkr-_gywA/videos
Music : “Inspiring Cinematic Piano Trailer” by SkyProductions (Jeffrey Peterson, composer) found here: https://audiojungle.net/item/inspiring-cinematic-piano-trailer/21974

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